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The importance of translation goes beyond mastery of a language. It entails capturing the true meaning of the message as intended by the author and having the desired impact on the reader.

Have you found that some translations just don’t convey what the author is really trying to express in a natural way? Want to connect better with your readers?

At COMO EL AGUAwe believe in translation that extends beyond language to convey the content of the work effectively and clearly. We are particularly passionate about translating essays and non-fiction works in the fields of politics and economics, law and sociology.

We view editing as a process that ensures meticulous form, fluid style and adherence to the rules of written language.

It is our opinion that professional reader’s reports are a necessary step to evaluate a work from a literary, editorial and commercial perspective.


In today’s world, written communication that readers can trust and conveys precisely what you are trying to say is a determining factor in realizing your business objectives.

Interested in achieving a balance between the global and the local, in integrating your business into the world? Want to establish a shared language with your employees, customers and suppliers?

Whether it is an annual or other report, manual, contract or correspondence, all written communication is concerned with the same thing: ensuring that the recipients easily understand what you are trying to convey. The fact is, problems will sometimes arise due to unclear communication.

We believe that messages from companies must be conveyed effectively, making communication fluid and transparent. This requires fostering a harmony between the different cultures and languages involved.


In the institutional sphere, strengthening citizen trust entails expressing each message in a way that generates fluid and transparent communication in terms of both content and form.

Need to strengthen your institution’s credibility among citizens? Seeking to have a greater impact on society with more approachable, more natural and clearer communication?

At COMO EL AGUA we firmly believe that clear, fluid language is required to be able to convey everything that institutions, both private and public, provide for people. In this context, translation and editing require an astute blend of technique and art.

When different cultures and languages converge, it becomes necessary to foster channels of understanding so that your messages get where they need to go in the best way possible.

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